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Rise of Extreme Weather Related Disasters

October 15, 2013   |    0 Comments

Finally we have some updated metrics on all of the natural disasters that have been affecting us. Environment America just released their report on the impacts of weather related disasters in the U.S. and there is some startling data on the effects of more

How to choose a quality water restoration company

August 5, 2013   |    0 Comments

Choosing a restoration company for water damage or mold damage from a broken water heater or flooding issue is a grueling and difficult process. How do you tell which of the multitudes of companies out there is a quality home restorer and will properly more

What is a CLUE Report? Why immediately reporting a water damage claim may be the wrong thing to do

June 6, 2012   |    0 Comments

Water damage in your home is definitely something you want to take care of quickly.  An immediate response can easily save thousands of dollars by preventing permanent damage to wood floors, carpet, tile and walls while prompt action is necessary to guarantee the health more