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Rise of Extreme Weather Related Disasters

October 15, 2013   |    0 Comments |   

Finally we have some updated metrics on all of the natural disasters that have been affecting us. Environment America just released their report on the impacts of weather related disasters in the U.S. and there is some startling data on the effects of mother nature’s furious cry.

• Almost 4 out of 5 Americans have been affected by weather-related disasters in the past 6 years

• Weather-related disasters have been declared in 49 U.S. States since 2006 (South Carolina was the only exception)

• Total 2011 natural catastrophe losses for the private sector insurers totaled $35.9 billion dollars; 33% higher than the average loss from 2000-2010

• More Americans felt the effect of weather-related disasters during 2011 than in any year since 2004. Total damages from these disasters amounted to over $55 billion dollars.

The Environment America study concludes with the an echo heard from a shout decades ago calling for a government mandated switch of U.S. energy dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

End result: Extreme weather patterns are already causing an acute financial impact on the U.S. and are likely to continue and intensify in the years ahead. The insurance industry will eventually have to pass these alterations in payouts onto the end user.

More information on weather-related disasters can be found at FEMA

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