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Water Damage Repair Before & After

March 10, 2014   |    0 Comments |   

Water damage is serious business. In this home, a burst pipe upstairs created extensive water damage upstairs and downstairs. Water damage, if left too long, can destroy carpet, warp wood flooring and accents, and cause extensive mold damage that can be dangerous to your family’s health.

This water damage was taken care of right away and, due to the owner’ quick response time, further damages were avoided. First, shut off the water and power and stay away from the affected area. Second, call your insurance company to go through their process for water damage repairs. Third, call MJ12 Restoration & Remodeling who uses rapid-drying techniques to restore your house to it’s pre-loss condition.

In the case of major water damage, repairs and restoration may need to be made after the rapid-drying process. MJ12 is a team of water loss and mold mitigation specialists that can take care of the immediate drying repairs, as well as the repairs and remodeling. Max Malihi, our Director of Operations, is a licensed General Contractor and can do it all: the mitigation, repairs, and remodeling.  Take a look above at a Before and After video from a recent water damage repair and remodel!

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